Modern Day Warrior
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Life is about KICKING ASS and chewing bubble gum! The Modern Day Warrior Tribe was setup to help professionals be a BADASS in their business and career.

Modern Day Warrior ('MDW') is a tribe of like minded people who believe in doing more. They take life by the horns, push the limits, and generally have a kickass time!

These are individuals who stand above the crowd. They are unafraid to make a fuss, make mistakes, and keep on learning.

They often encompass a personal leadership style and philosophy taking on a single or combination role of: Thinker, Warrior, or Farmer.

Some truly famous MDW are
- Ron Sim - Founder of Osim International Limited
- Olivia Lum - CEO & founder of Hyflux Limited
- Elim Chew - Founder of 77th Street
- Jack Ma - Chinese e-commerce mogul
- Richard Branson - British businessman
- Mark Cuban - American tech mogul

But don't be put off. If you are pushing your limits for your family, well-being, your career then you are a MDW.

Join this group to connect with other MDWs. Share your challenges and fight on together!
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